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eNote - what are they?

eNotes are an online note taking tool, that will appear from time to time as you progress through the professional learning within the Learn section. Action Team members who type up the notes can save their notes and view them later as a resource that is added to around the Learn planet. 











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Facilitating whole-school online training

We highly recommend that you view and practice using the Portal before you deliver the session. You will need to familiarise yourself with different sections prior to facilitating.

As a Facilitator or Action Team member you will:

  • Navigate through the session using arrows at the bottom right-hand of the screen

  • Click to move forwards or backwards through the screens

  • Follow the instructions of the iMentor+

  • Designate one Action Team member to manage the eNote++ feature of the Portal.

+The iMentor is your online instructor. She/he guides you through each session through numbered screens.

++An eNote is an electronic note-taking tool used by the Action Team to take notes to save on the Portal and use later for planning.


Creating a positive learning environment

We suggest that you observe participants as the sessions develop. They may face mental health difficulties themselves, through family members, including their own children, or with work colleagues. Participants will have a range of experiences of mental health, and it will be helpful to bring to their attention that one in five adults experience mental health difficulties early on in this session. We recommend that you emphasise the need for a safe and respectful space to discuss issues.

It could be useful here to point out that it is critical for participants to look after themselves during the day. Creating the group's Working Agreement and Promoting Self Care in the Participant Workbook is essential. Please circulate copies of the contact details for your school's Employee Assistance Program.

Beginning each session




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Beginning the journey

The KidsMatter Primary Portal is a space for KidsMatter schools to collaborate, track their progress and access a wide range of innovative professional learning resources.

Preparing to facilitate this session

Before you begin delivering the online KidsMatter Primary whole-school staff professional learning, it is important to undertake the following steps:

  1. Speak with your KidsMatter Staff member about delivering KidsMatter online professional learning.

  2. Ensure the Action Team has access to the following resources:

Facilitator Guides

- Component 1 Facilitator Guide

- Component 2 Facilitator Guide

- Component 3 Facilitator Guide

- Component 4 Facilitator Guide

Action Team handbook

- Action Team Handbook

KidsMatter Mental Health Information sheets for School staff, parents and carers.

- Mental Health Information Sheets - Component 1 Positive school community

- Mental Health Information Sheets - Component 2 Social and emotional learning for students

- Mental Health Information Sheets - Component 3 Parenting support and information

- Mental Health Information Sheets - Component 4 Early intervention for students experiencing mental health difficulties

Component Participant Workbook

Print one for each staff member. These can be downloaded from the below links or purchased as hard copies at the KidsMatter Online Shop.

- Component 1 Participant Workbook

- Component 2 Participant Workbook

- Component 3 Participant Workbook

- Component 4 Participant Workbook

Component Literature Reviews

Print one copy for each staff as pre-readings. These are useful documents that include a range of texts and links that relate to the themes in the sessions.

- Component 1 Positive school community summary of literature

- Component 2 Social and emotional learning for students summary of literature

- Component 3 Working with parents and carers summary of literature

- Component 4 Helping children with mental health difficulties summary of literature


If you would like to know more about becoming a KidsMatter school please visit the website.


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iMentor what is an iMentor

iMentors are featured throughout the learn section of the Portal. These are people from our KidsMatter team who will help guide you through your professional learning journey.

 iMentor Cate







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Internet browsers

The website has been tested on many internet browsers. Including; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.  We are aware of some known issues with Internet Explorer which we are trying to resolve. If you are experiencing issues with the site using this browser, we recommend trying a different internet browser if possible. 

Firefox can be downloaded from here.

Chrome can be downloaded from here.

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If you have lost your password you will need to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for assistance. Any changes to your online password, can have implications for the USB version of the site.

If you would like to change your password follow these steps:

    1. Go to and login

    2. At the top of the screen on the right hand side is a Settings tab

    3. Select this tab

    4. On the left hand side of the screen, underneath School details is a change password dialogue box

    5. Enter and Confirm your new password

    6. Select the Submit button.

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Portal guides - what are they?

Portal guides are a document that has been created to assist Action Team members to prepare and deliver whole-school staff professional learning using the online resource, the KidsMatter Portal.

These documents are available for all Components under the Resources tab within the Learn section and can also be accessed under the Connect column in the footer of the site. Resources

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Project Officers - what help will I get from our school's Project Officer?

Project officers are available to support your schools implementation of the KidsMatter framework in every State and Territory. The email addresses and phone numbers for each State or Territory can be found here.

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Support - what kind of support do we get in schools?

Here at KidsMatter Primary we can offer technical support with using the online Portal as well as support facilitating and implementing the framework within your school. Please contact your KidsMatter Project staff to discuss how they can support you in delivering professional learning. A list of State and Territory contacts can be found here.

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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of using the Portal are in accordance with current legislation.  When you first login to the Portal you will be asked to read and accept these Terms and Conditions. You will only be asked once to accept them. To read the Terms and Conditions click here.

The KidsMatter Privacy policy can be found here.

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Technical problems

If you experience problems using the Portal we may be able to help. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you need assistance.

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Uploading files

The Portal allows Action Team member to upload files from their computer. This is useful if you want to collect and store all of the KidsMatter documentation in one place and enables easy access when off of school premises. Users can show and hide the upload file area which is available on the Action Team entry page as well as each of the Components.

To upload a file

  1. Select a file to upload by clicking on the small pink circle
  2. Browse your computers files
  3. Select the file you wish to upload
  4. Type in a description
  5. Select a category you wish the file to appear around.
  6. Select Submit.

Note:  The Action Team tab has 4 categories, Action Team Business, Resources, Journey and Surveys. Each Component has 3 categories - Plan, Do and Review.

 Uploading Files

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We are aware that many schools have issues with connectivity and this can impact the quality of the Professional Learning sessions we provide. To assist with any connection issues, we have developed a USB version of the site. The USB version has been designed to work offline and then 'sync' with the web version of the site when you next have connectivity.

This information sheet might be useful for using the USB version of the Portal. Instructions for the USB version of the KidsMatter Portal


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Throughout the KidsMatter Portal there are a several embedded videos. These videos have been designed to engage and assist in the professional learning journey of school staff in the implementation of the KidsMatter framework. The videos are of high quality and can run slowly if internet bandwidth is poor.  We recommend testing a session before running whole school training.

If you experience issues it could be because of the Internet Browser you are using or because of poor internet connectivity.  Try using an alternative browser - See the Internet Browser section for more information.

Alternatively use the USB version of the Portal.  If issues continue contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for advice.

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Which session was I working on?

The Portal has a feature that will remember which session you where in when you visited last time. Select the Component that your school was last doing. A dialogue box will appear.  Choose either OK, which will take you to your last visited session, or select Cancel to browse other sessions.

 Returning message






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